My name is Erin and I am a 23-year-old blogger committed to healthy living. Professionally I am a Marketing and Sales Coordinator. Personally I am a newlywed and lover of all furbabies. I moved with my husband from Pennsylvania to Omaha, Nebraska to start our happily ever after. I'm striving to eat clean and sweat daily while blogging about my journey along the way.

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One Big Tofu Burrito

Happy Hump Day everyone! Two more days and its the weekend! I can’t wait. Josh is home from Connecticut which means I get to see him this weekend! I’ve really missed him.

This week is the week before finals at school. Lots of projects and papers are due and I had a big test today so I wanted to get an extra protein packed breakfast. Old fashioned oats + a scoop of almond butter

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Apple Walnut Caramel Cupcakes (Duncan Hines Giveaway 1 of 3)

Its officially baking season! With Christmas just a few weeks away I’ve already started my annual cupcake/cookie/brownie baking. I love surprising people with baked goods and working on Black Friday gave me the perfect excuse to bake! If anything will make people smile while working at 4am its baked goods!

I made apple walnut cupcakes with a caramel filling. I may have eaten one (or two) fresh out of the oven with a

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A Weekend of Very Random Eats

Happy Cyber Monday! Did any of you find good deals today? I wasn’t really looking for anything but I’m considering a Sonicare electric toothbrush (for $15!) or a 2012-2013 Moleskine planner from Barnes and Noble (also on sale for $15). I use a Moleskine every year so I figure I may as well get one early for my last year in college! I have until midnight to decide on both of the items so I’m

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A Day of Food, Family Fun, and Puppy Snuggles

Hello from the other side! I have officially survived my Black Friday 1:30AM to 11:30AM shift! It was actually a lot of fun, the customers were all really nice and everyone just seemed happy to be getting good deals. These past few days have really flown, I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already over! It was such a fun day that involved me waking up and lounging in PJs while watching the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving. I love all the food, being with my family, and all the fun we have. I love how slow paced Thanksgiving is. I love waking up and watching the Macys Day Parade, and then the National Dog Show, and then just hanging out and eating, without having to worry about anywhere else to be, or anything else to do. As I’ve gotten older it seems like life has gotten busier and I

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Breakfast of Champions: With Land O Lakes Eggs

As a vegetarian, eggs are a huge part of my diet. Eggs are incredibly nutrient dense (they contain choline, selenium, folate, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin E, lutein and zeaxanthin) and are packed with protein. I also just love how they taste. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve probably heard about my breakfast burrito. Its what I eat nearly every morning to ensure I’m starting my day right and fueling my body

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Ordering Vegetarian On Meat-Filled Menus

Happy Monday everyone! Only one more day before I’m done with school for a week and vacation holiday retail working begins. In the meantime I’m soaking up as much sleep as I can.

Over the weekend I rediscovered my love of oats. A third cup of old fashioned oats microwaved in 2/3rd a cup of water for three minutes with a scoop of almond butter and a half of a banana mashed in is

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Family Movie Night

Today started off bright and early. Grace and I had a date to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 at midnight.

I was so excited. I’m a huge Twilight fan, although I didn’t used to be. Freshman year of college my best friend Rachel called me and told me about this book series I HAD to read. She told me how amazing it was  and how she couldn’t put it down. Then she told

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My Best Friends Getting Married!

Happy Thursday everyone! Its almost the weekend! Anyone got anything exciting planned? I’ve got a few things planned I can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, I started my day by dropping my car off to get the oil changed. After that I had a quiz in finance (which I was so relived to have done well on!) and then I headed to aerobics for our fitness evaluations. We took one at the

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Refrigerated Jewelry

I’ve got a funny story to share with you guys today. Over the weekend a package arrived at my parent’s house addressed to me from my Aunt who lives in Hawaii. I was at Josh’s house so they went to add it to my mail pile, until they noticed it had a sticker on it saying it contained cheese and to refrigerate immediately. When I talked to my dad over the weekend and he told

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