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A Weekend of Fall Celebrations

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend was great! Mine was awesome, I had the best time celebrating my birthday with Josh and friends. I posted my

birthday dinner recap already so I figured I’d get into recapping the rest of the weekend. It was jam packed with fun! Here are some of the highlights:

It was the start of fall which means I rocked sparkly Toms and Lululemon Wunder Unders all weekend. Fall clothing is my favorite!

Pumpkin spice lattes made a re-appearance in my life in a big way. I ordered my first ever Venti on my birthday (it was free!) and enjoyed every sip. It was so good I got another Tall later in the weekend.

I got to see some belly dancers perform that were really good. I love the music, it just makes you want to move.

Josh was sweet and treated me to a sour beer (the only kind I like) when we were at Zenos. They were having trivia night there and I was proud to be a part of team Mark Twain’s Mustache. We didn’t win, but we finished strong. And I got to enjoy the most amazing veggie cheesesteak while I played. Grilled veggies melted in cheese on toasted bread? Yes, please!

Josh and my friend Alissa’s birthday is just three days after mine so we did a joint celebration with the program. Twelve of us met at Harrison’s for dinner and I was so excited. Josh and I have been wanting to try their menu for the longest time and it was so much fun getting to share the experience with friends. Everyone made me feel so special and loved and it meant so much to me. Thanks, guys! <3

I started off with the butternut squash soup and it was incredible. Like best butternut squash soup I’ve ever had incredible. Like Josh and I ordered bowls of it as take-out the next night for dinner incredible. ;p

For my main entree I got the potato gnocchi with goat cheese and spinach. It was really good.

Josh got the veggie lasagna and it was chock full of veggies and delicious cheeses. We were there for nearly three hours talking, it was such a fun night.

For breakfast Josh and I met up with our friend Sharon at The Waffle Shop. She’s obsessed just like we are. Josh got the “breakfast salad” and was very sweet to share. It’s so delicious.

I got two wheat germ pecan pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs and ate almost every bite. It was all so tasty. I’m so glad Sharon loves it so much, I have a feeling I’ll be dragging her here a lot in the future. ;p

Josh and I also swung by the Penn Stater this weekend for their veggie panini. It’s one of our favorite meals.

A Wegmans tofu burrito bowl definitely happened as well. These are so convenient and so tasty.

I tried the Veggie Med sandwich at Noodles & Company and loved it.

Their tomato basil bisque was as awesome as always.

Josh tried their Bangkok curry with tofu and thought it was great. We also ran into Lily and Pierce while we were ordering our food so it turned into a dinner date which was really fun.

Workout-wise, Josh and I went to the YMCA to exercise and I had a great run. I’ve started meeting with a personal trainer at my school (which I have been meaning to do a post on!) who is awesome. She has been giving me advice to meet my fitness goals and told me that while it’s great I’m strength training my arms I need to start strength training my legs as well, especially if I want to see increases in speed and power in my runs. I decided to start strength training my legs after my run with Josh and got a little over ambitious. The rest of my weekend was filled seriously sore hamstrings that left me doing pilates for my daily workouts as there was no way my legs could handle fast movements of any kind. But a workout is a workout and it was my birthday weekend, so I’m happy with what I managed to do. :D

I hope your Monday is off to a great start! I have work and then a presentation and test tonight in my International Marketing class. Wish me luck!

Question of the Day: How did you celebrate the start of fall?

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