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Chowing Down at the Hershey Grill, then Rocking Out at Zumba

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been going well. Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday. I had a busy Thursday that I’m so excited to share with you today. Josh and I are currently on our way to NYC for the weekend. I’ll be back next week with a recap of all of our weekend adventures.

I was invited by the Hershey PR team to attend the re-opening of the Hershey Grill. The Hershey Grill is located at the Hershey Lodge, which is a hotel near and dear to my heart. FBLA States is held every year at the Hershey Lodge, and I was lucky enough to place high enough to get to go every year of high school. The lodge is GORGEOUS, they leave Hershey’s chocolates on your pillows every day, and the staff are extra courteous. What more could you ask for in a place to stay?

The Hershey Grill was revamped on the inside to create a more open feeling with the kitchen being in direct view of the guests. (The pictures online haven’t been updated yet.) They’re also bringing back a breakfast menu! I’m a huge breakfast fan so I was really excited to see the menu. Attendees of the luncheon were able to select foods from either the breakfast or lunch menus. I mixed and matched a little of both. Hershey is two hours away from me and I didn’t eat before I got there so I arrived starving. I started off with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. You guys know how much I love fresh squeezed OJ. It was delicious.

For an appetizer I got the spinach salad. It had spiced pecans, a huge hunk of blue brie (delicious!), blackberries, focaccia croutons (I didn’t try these, I’ve never been a huge crouton fan), red onion, and maple sherry vinaigrette. Oh my goodness was this salad incredible. I have a huge pet peeve when I go to a restaurant and order a salad and it’s a bunch of ice burg lettuce with little else. This is exactly what a salad should look like.

Coming in to the restaurant I wasn’t sure whether I wanted breakfast or lunch. Looking at the lunch menu they had a grilled cheese and veggie burger option for vegetarians. Their veggie burgers are currently not made in house (ie: they’re store bought) but the chef told me they are working on a fresh veggie burger prototype that should be available for order soon. While the lunch options are fine for a vegetarian, it’s the breakfast menu you really want to check out. Check out all these amazing options!

I got the s’mores french toast with an extra scrambled egg for a little extra protein. Oh my god was this phenomenal. I ate every bite. There are so many more breakfast menu items I want to try. Josh and I will definitely have to come back. We enjoyed our first trip so much.

So by this time I’m stuffed. And then our super sweet waitress brings out the dessert menus. I mean, if I must. ;p

Since my brunch was a dessert I decided to get something that wouldn’t feel as heavy and ordered the adult root beer. It was so good. It had a rich taste without being overpowered by alcohol. It was a nice end to a delicious lunch. I was so impressed with the exceptional food, clean appearance, and welcoming atmosphere of Hershey Grill. I definitely plan on going back again and encourage you to if you’re ever in the neighborhood. This is good food.

After I got home from Hershey I headed off for a Zumba class at my school. They’re offered every Tuesday and Thursday and they’re so much fun! I love how much I enjoy doing Zumba and how it makes me feel about myself. I also loved my outfit today, I thought all the neon colors would fit right in! :D

We did a Zumba dance called Take Me On that was so.much.fun. I was smiling the whole time, it just felt so good to move. I found a video online of the song with choreography very similar to what we did in class. I think this song was used in cruise ship commercials before because the whole time I was dancing I couldn’t stop thinking about the beach and a sunny vacation.

I need to give a special shout out to the Reebok Dance Ur Lead shoes. From someone who has danced in running shoes, let me tell you, there is no comparison to dancing in shoes you’re actually supposed to dance in. Not only did I feel super cute, these shoes were so responsive to my twists, my toe taps, my stomps, my kicks, and my pivots. These shoes truly are the perfect Zumba shoes.

After Zumba Josh and I headed to Bull Frog for a dinner date. We’re leaving for NYC from my house since Megabus has gotten ridiculous with their prices in State College. Josh loves Bull Frog for their veggie options and all their awesome home-brewed beers. He got a homemade veggie burger with lots of spicy fixings.

I got a delicious mushroom and swiss cheese veggie burger. I love how their veggie burgers have lots of rice and spinach and spices. Homemade veggie burgers fall apart when you eat them, they’re so stuffed with ingredients. It was a delicious meal.

Question of the Day: Have you tried a new restaurant lately? Are you a Zumba fan? I want to get the whole world dancing! Everyone would be so much happier! :D

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