My name is Erin and I am a 23-year-old blogger committed to healthy living. Professionally I am a Marketing and Sales Coordinator. Personally I am a newlywed and lover of all furbabies. I moved with my husband from Pennsylvania to Omaha, Nebraska to start our happily ever after. I'm striving to eat clean and sweat daily while blogging about my journey along the way.

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Five Facts Friday 2

It’s time for another five facts Friday post! I hope your week went well! Here are five things that are on my mind today.

1. Working out makes me feel really, really good. It can be painful and uncomfortable while I’m doing it, but it does wonders for my self-esteem and energy levels afterwords. I’m really happy I’ve been able to stick with moving and sweating on a regular basis. This woman is my inspiration for getting my butt in gear every day. You can follow along and see my progress and the progress of many others by searching the #FFCheckIn hashtag on Instagram. I upload a video every night just to say how I’m doing and feeling that day.

2. I’m thinking about ordering some barre shoes for my classes. My feet get so sweaty and slip all over the place and it makes it really hard to hold a plank or extend my legs back during stretches. I found these ones from Nike but wanted to see if you guys had heard anything about them or had other barre shoe recommendations?

3. I am loving my Bestowed box. It’s $19 a month and comes with a wide variety of healthy snacks. I dug into that KIND dark chocolate chili almond bar after my workout tonight and loved every bite. I’ve actually never tried a KIND bar before so I was really excited to do so. I’ve also heard great things about Pacific stock, so I’m looking forward to cooking something for myself with that. Josh and I always get the Whole 365 veggie stock when we buy groceries to save money, so this is a little fancy treat. ;p

4. Jennifer Lawrence is my girl crush. I think she is so funny, relatable, and normal. It’s crazy to think we’re the same age. I always assume people are older than me. Except for Justin Bieber. He looks and has the maturity of a 12 year old.

5. Josh and I want to do something fun this weekend that doesn’t involve food and will get us moving in some way. We love to go out to eat but we want to try and get moving a little more even when we’re not working out. Any fun ideas for an activity filled date?

Question of the Day: What’s on your mind this Friday?

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