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Odds and Ends (and a Whole Foods sale!)

So much has been going on lately, I thought it would be fun to do a little catch-up of some things I’ve been meaning to share with you guys.

We’re getting serious about decorating! I’m so excited with how our apartment is coming together! I need to get flowers to fill the mason jars with on the bottom. I picked them up at Junkstock and love them.

We bought a new loveseat! It should be delivered in 2-4 weeks and I can’t wait. It goes perfectly with our new TV stand. I also just think it’s really pretty! :D

I love double dates! Josh, me, Joanna, and Jeff went out to La Mesa together and grabbed delicious Mexican.

And then we went back to Jeff and Joanna’s place to carve pumpkins! The one I carved was more melon than pumpkin. I love how they all turned out!

Josh and I also went over to Molly and Brians for a cookout. I totally forgot to get a picture of the four of us. They made such good food. I really want to grill portobello now. We’re going to their house for a Halloween party and Josh and I need to finalize costumes! If you have ideas please help! haha

I got this in my Bestowed box and am obsessed with this new flavor. Everything in the box is GMO free which is awesome. Love Crunch granola is my absolute favorite granola.

Josh and I go shopping at Whole Foods every Saturday to coordinate with their sampling events. They always have tons of food ideas to try as well as lots of wines and liquors. This Elk Cove Pinot Gris is a wine I fell in love with a few shopping trips back that made its way into our cart. I love enjoying a glass of this with dinner at night.

Speaking of Whole Foods, I tried their Indian hot bar the other day and loved it. I’ve been craving Indian food. There’s an Indian food place at the end of our block that is supposed to be great but they went on vacation for a month and closed up the shop until they get back.

If you guys remember when I added fish back into my diet a few months ago I did a lot of research on the seafood industry and the safety of different fish. I learned salmon was the best fish choice for me but also that farmed salmon can be very dangerous. And that if a salmon is ever called “Atlantic salmon” that means it’s farmed. Josh and I make the conscious choice to shop at Whole Foods each week because we value the food we fill our home with and the nourishment it provide us.  I’m not saying that nourishment isn’t available at other stores, we just like what Whole Foods stands for and the fun shopping experience. So when I found out that Whole Foods sells farmed salmon I was more than a little shocked. I couldn’t understand why they would do that, until I learned about their Responsibly Farmed program.

Farmed fish sold at Whole Foods are certified to be free of preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products in their feed. They are also GMO free, are not cloned, and are kept in low-density pens. If you ask me that’s exactly what I want to be eating. They want to offer fish farmers an incentive to farm the right way, by encouraging them to up their standards so their fish can be sold at Whole Foods.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon is going to be on sale this Friday at Whole Foods for $8.99 a pound instead of  the usual $14.99 a pound. (Double check that this sale will be going on at your specific store before heading to pick some up.) When Whole Foods asked me if I’d like to cook some up I happily obliged. I never thought I’d be eating farmed salmon, but I definitely feel safe with this source.

The guy at the counter was so helpful. He cut my salmon up into 4oz pieces and recommended the Whole Foods Blackening spice for a rub. It was crazy good! Fish is not a taste that comes natural to me. This was the first piece of salmon I’ve had that’s actually tasted good. Like I wasn’t forcing myself to eat it, but found myself wanting to. I’m so excited for more fish dinners in the future. :D

If you are looking for some fresh salmon I highly recommend checking out the sale this Friday and stocking up. I froze mine in individual serving size baggies so I can just defrost and cook when I get home from work.

Questions of the Day: What’s your favorite way to cook salmon? Would you eat farmed fish if it’s responsibly raised?

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