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Road Runner Sports Running Outfit Giveaway

You guys have made it to the end of my Runner’s World recaps! I hope you have enjoyed them, I had so much fun getting to relieve the incredible weekend with you guys. If you missed any of the posts here they all are:

If you are looking for an amazing race to enter next year I cannot recommend Runner’s World more wholeheartedly. It was the perfect first race for me and one that I will remember for a long, long time.

So you may have noticed in my last few posts that I was hinting that something was going on with my running outfit. I wasn’t trying to hint that this shirt is the prettiest color blue ever and that the pants are so freaking comfy. (Although it really is and they really are.)

I wasn’t trying to hint that I am in love with the thumb holes on the jacket. (Although they are such an awesome feature.)

I wasn’t trying to hint that I was loving running in my first pair of real running socks. (Although there really is no comparison between regular cotton socks and running compression socks.)

I was trying to hint that all three of these items are from Road Runner Sports and that I was testing them out so that I could review them for you and then give away all three of them to one lucky reader! Being new to running I know how overwhelming it can be to try and find the right gear. I am all about functionality first, I need to know the clothing will last and do what I need it to do. And then I need it to look cute. :D Road Runner Sports is the company I used to purchase my Sauconys two months ago (aka my first pair of running shoes ever). I was so impressed with their sales, support, and customer service that I started blogging about them. I’m so excited to get to give you guys the opportunity to experience them, they truly are a phenomenal company that I have so much respect for.

When talking with Road Runner Sports about this giveaway I was excited to learn that besides all the name brands that they carry they also have a line of clothing exclusive to them called R-Gear. I felt this was the perfect time to showcase that gear and how it can be used in colder weather. In the warmer months it’s easier to throw on a tank or a tee over a sports bra and go for a run. In the winter you really have to think about what you’re wearing because you can freeze (or overheat) if you don’t.

I thought it would be useful if I wrote about all three pieces of clothing individually so that you can get to know more about the gear and determine if you think it would be a good fit for you.


First up is the R-Gear Work It Half Zip. This shirt is AMAZING! It has longer arms with thumbholes to keep your hands warm in the cold, a zippered back pocket to put keys or other small things in, and moisture wicking abilities that keep you feeling dry and comfortable as you run. It is also made of some of the softest material I’ve ever felt. I had people come up to me at the race to point out how cute my shirt was, brushed by my arm, and then proceeded to pet me while remarking how soft the shirt felt. It was pretty funny. This shirt does all it claims to and so much more. When I run I sweat a lot, but in this shirt I have to look down and see that the fabric has changed color to know I actually sweat, it wicks so well. It is far and away the comfiest shirt I have run in that is perfect for cooler races. The shirt is thick enough to keep you warm before your body heats up but also thin enough to keep you from overheating as you run. I wear it with a sports bra underneath and find myself good to go in 40-60 degree weather. I give this shirt 10 out of 10 stars, it is one of my absolute favorite running pieces.


The pants are R-Gear Free Form Capri Tights. I was debating getting full pants but opted for capris because I like having my calves and ankles free to breathe. These pants are super lightweight but also surprisingly thick so that no wind or cold air got to my hips or thighs as I ran. They are so soft and fit snugly so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting them while you run. The pants come just a little bit past your knee and have a back waistband pocket for you to stick miscellaneous items in (one of the reasons why I chose them).

I am all about pockets but have my one point of criticism for these pants regarding the pocket. When you have an un-zippered pocket in the waistband you need to make sure that the waistband material is stretchy and supportive enough that whatever you put inside of it stays in place and doesn’t move.  The only pants I have with pockets with which to compare these to are my Lululemon Grooves, Astros, and Wunder Unders. Before I got these pants in the mail I would take my Lululemon pants outside, put my phone in my waistband pocket, and listen to Pandora as I ran. After tucking the phone into my pocket it was gone from my mind, I didn’t feel it move or hit me as I ran, it was secure and tight in place. When I tried to do the same thing with these pants I found my phone was too heavy for the waistband and that either my phone would start to slip out or my pants would start to fall down when I ran. This would be a non-issue to most people since they don’t run with their phones or wear them on their arm or in a running belt but I like the security a phone gives me and don’t have those accessory options at the moment when I run.

For the day of the race I solved the problem by using an iPod nano and putting it in the back pocket on my running shirt and leaving my phone in my car. I didn’t feel it at all and it worked great. These pants are awesome, they have flat seams, a good fit, and are really thick. I just wish I could make the waistband a tiny bit more supportive so it could hold heavier items better and then these pants would be perfect! As they are I give them a 9 out of 10.


These socks are Balega Hidden Comfort and I love how they are fitted to my foot. All my previous socks before these were the typical mismatched cotton socks you’d find in the back of your sock drawer. Before I started running I only wore socks if I was wearing boots so I wanted them to be as thick and warm as possible. Suddenly I started needed tight socks that don’t move while I run and that keep my feet from chafing. I think these really fit the bill. They hold my foot secure, and I like how there is the additional flap of fabric in the back so that I won’t have any heel rub. The first time I ran in them I was so excited to see how I felt in them so I could share my opinion with you guys but then I finished the run and realized that I didn’t notice or think about my socks once. And I think that is exactly how it should be with running socks. I give them a 10 out of 10.

If you were to go to Road Runner Sports right now and buy all three of these items they would cost $124.98. RRSports was so kind to offer this entire outfit, picked out, tested, reviewed, and endorsed by me to a lucky reader. I know you will love these products, and I am SO excited for someone to get to win them!

To enter the giveaway:


  • Leave a comment telling me why you started running or why you want to start running.


(Please leave an additional comment for each additional entry that you do telling me you did them! For example: “I liked you on Facebook!” You can do none or all of them or as many as you would like.)

  • Like my Girl Gone Veggie Facebook page
  • Follow Girl Gone Veggie on Twitter
  • Tweet: “I entered to win a full running outfit from @RRSports at Girl Gone Veggie! http://girlgoneveggie.com/road-runner-sports-running-outfit-giveaway/ @girlgoneveggie”
  • OK me giving your email address (the one you comment with or a different one) to Road Runner Sports to be added to their mailing list for promotions and new product releases

The contest will be open until Wednesday, October 31st at 11:59pm. I will then be announcing the winner in Thursday’s blog post. Good luck!!

I was not paid to write this post or wear Road Runner Sports gear. I was allowed to pick out an outfit of my choice on their website to run in and review and to give away a matching outfit. All opinions and comments are my own.

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