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Runner’s World Blogger BBQ

Hello from Bethlehem! I’m sitting on my sister’s couch as I type this. I’m so tired I should really get to bed but there’s so much I want to say. Day one of the blogging event at Runner’s World was FANTASTIC. This is my first blogging event of any kind and I had no idea what to expect. Every single person I met today, from my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors to the Runner’s World staff and editors were so incredibly nice and outgoing. The BBQ was so much fun and the food was delicious. I took pictures of it all so I hope you enjoy!

Party bus! All the FitFluential ladies (and gent!).  It was so great getting to chat with them all and put faces to blog names. We took a shuttle from the hotel where a lot of the girls are staying in Bethlehem, PA to Runner’s World headquarters in Emmaus, PA

We got there and all the editors were gathered around with their families. It was so cute getting to see all the little kids running around and playing.

I got a picture with Bart Yasso. I felt pretty cool! :D He is such a nice guy and was telling me about his favorite places that he’s traveled to and what it is like to race there.

After mingling for a little bit it was food time! Runner’s World provided an amazing spread of food that is all locally sourced, organic, and fresh. I was starving and so excited to dig in.

I enjoyed a veggie burger, potato salad, pasta salad, a brownie, and lemonade. It was all really good. I was so happy to find a veggie option for dinner, I was a little nervous when I heard it was a BBQ that there would only be meat options but it goes to show veggie burgers can be grilled too!

Throwing out my trash I was so excited to see how Runners World really implements their green beliefs. I love seeing places that have composts.

After dinner we were introduced to Altra Zero Drop Running Footwear. I have heard so much about barefoot/minimalistic running from my running friends. A lot of research is saying it’s the way to go to prevent injuries and maximize effectiveness of your foot when running. I still have a lot to learn about it which is why I am so excited for tomorrow. Altra is putting on presentation for us tomorrow after our morning run and breakfast to really talk about why their shoes are the way they are and why they’re good for our feet. I can’t wait! I’m always open to learning more about running and hearing about different options that I have.

After introducing themselves the Altra brand representatives got to fitting our feet with Altra shoes! I tried on their neutral shoes and their stability shoes and really liked how the stability shoe felt on my foot. It was natural and felt really comfortable. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size with them so when we meet up tomorrow I’m swapping the  neutral pair I took home for the stability pair. I’ll make sure to post pictures of them tomorrow. Not only do they feel great, they are SUPER cute!

After we turned the cafeteria into a running shoe boutique we toured Runners World Headquarters. This was a super neat wood sculpture in the lobby.

We got to visit upstairs where all the offices are and talk with the heads of different departments. I was blown away by how nice everyone is and how willing they were to chat and answer questions. Runner’s World has an awesome office culture.

We got to see the wall of past and future magazine covers.

Spoiler alert!! We were the first people to see this cover. I’m really excited for when it comes out, it looks like it’s going to be a good one!

I used to dream about being a magazine editor so it was so cool getting to see all the mockups they’re working on or have worked on in the past.

It was crazy getting to see the different covers their magazines have around the world.

Some magazine covers would not be approved in the US. This is a real magazine cover in Brazil! Can you imagine what would happen if something like this was printed in America?

Bart Yasso’s door was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Talk about inspirational! I’m so excited to get my first racing bib this weekend!

Runner’s World employees really walk the walk. I loved this cubicle with all the employee’s running shoes laid out. I hope to have this kind of collection some day! :D

After the tour we all gathered around a fire pit outside for some s’mores. I haven’t had a s’more since I was in junior high at summer camp. It was the perfect ending to the most incredible day. I just want to say a huge thank you to Runner’s World, to Altra, and to all the incredible FitFluential peeps at the event with me today. Everyone was so kind and so gracious. Today was so special, and it was only the first day. I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend!

Question of the Day: Have you run in zero drop shoes? What do you think of them?

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